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Epoxy Resin as a Hobby

Epoxy Resin as a Hobby

When it comes to hobbies and crafts, one of the things that can make people hesitate most is needing to buy lots of expensive tools and supplies that will crowd their home and take up too much space. That’s what makes epoxy resin crafting so special. All it takes is a few simple, affordable supplies that you might even already have around the house. And you’ll be able to use epoxy resin for both creative and practical projects - and even projects that combine both into one!

On top of that, once you get the hang of it, creating epoxy resin projects is quite easy to do. Whether it’s a personal hobby you want to develop on your own or something you want to use as a bonding opportunity that the whole family can do together, you can choose to work on projects that range from beginner-DIY level to those better suited for experienced crafters.

Epoxy Resin Projects For the Whole Family

Because of its versatility as a medium, the possibilities for getting started with epoxy resin crafts are endless. A great first project is building a puzzle together and coating it with clear epoxy resin in order to preserve and display it as an art piece in your home.

Another option is to make a photo collage on a tray that you can then keep on your coffee table. Epoxy resin makes it durable and easy to clean so that it’s a piece you can integrate into your daily family life.

Similarly, building a unique tabletop with inlaid pennies, bottle caps, or other, similar materials makes for a statement piece that you can actually eat off of!

Once you’re feeling a bit more comfortable and ready to get into more intermediate projects, exploring the world of colorful poured resin art is expressive, easy, and results in truly beautiful and unique works of art.

Getting Started With Epoxy Resin as a Hobby

To dip your toes into making epoxy resin projects, you’ll only need a few things. First, there are the items that you almost certainly already have laying around the house, including:

  • Plastic disposable cups
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Latex gloves

And then there are the materials that you’ll probably need to buy, which include:

  • Canvas or wood as a surface for your project
  • The epoxy resin itself
  • Optional paint depending on the type of project you’re working on

From there, we recommend searching around a bit online for project inspiration and DIY instructions.

And there you have it! Epoxy resin is a highly versatile tool you can use to express your creativity, blow off some steam, get closer with your loved ones, preserve meaningful moments and works of art, and create beautiful, durable crafts. It’s easy to get started, so why not choose your first project and get going today?


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