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How to Use Epoxy Resin on a Puzzle

How to Use Epoxy Resin on a Puzzle

Is there anything more satisfying than completing an intricate jigsaw puzzle? After countless hours and thousands of puzzle pieces, it’s out of the question to take the finished product apart and shove it back in the box. Instead, why not turn the puzzle into a lasting work of art to display for years to come? Epoxy resin is the perfect material to protect and preserve a special puzzle in just a few easy steps.


Choose a mounting board

First, measure the puzzle to know what size mounting board to cut. Next, choose a piece of wood that’s thick enough that it won’t warp over time and cut it to your puzzle size. Unless you decide to leave a border around the puzzle, it doesn’t matter if the board has a few irregularities. You’re about to cover it with your work of art!


Prep your puzzle

Since puzzles come in varying thicknesses, it’s important to prep your puzzle, so the cardboard doesn’t soak up the resin. First, coat your mounting board with a thin layer of craft glue. Next, ask a friend to help you slide your puzzle onto the board and situate it right in the center. Push the puzzle down firmly and make sure each piece is flat.

 Once your puzzle is where you want it on the mounting board, place a very thin layer of craft glue on the surface of the puzzle. This keeps the resin from soaking into the edges of thinner puzzle pieces and leaving black lines. Don’t worry--the craft glue dries clear and won’t obstruct your puzzle design.

 Let everything dry completely (preferably overnight). In the morning, you’ll have a fully prepped puzzle, ready to resin!


Applying the resin

Move your puzzle to a room where it can dry overnight without being disturbed or exposed to any floating dust or pet hair that will get stuck in the material.

 Apply painter’s tape on the back of the mounting board to catch any drips. It will save time after the resin dries and create a smooth, professional finish. Next, make sure your surface is perfectly level, and then place evenly-sized blocks under each corner to raise the entire board.

 Use a pair of gloves to apply the resin to keep your hands from getting sticky. Measure and mix Magic Resin at a 1:1 ratio and use a spreading tool to apply it evenly to your puzzle. The epoxy resin will self level at 1/8’’.


Dry, hang, and enjoy!

As your resin dries, you may notice some air bubbles during the self-leveling process. Use a small butane torch to apply indirect heat, and the bubbles magically disappear.

 After the resin completely hardens, sand the edges with a sander or sandpaper block and attach a picture hanger. You’ve just turned your puzzle into a high-gloss work of art that will add beauty to your home for years to come.


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