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How to use MagicResin's 2" Deep Pour & Casting Resin

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For optimal results, make sure that the temperature of the room and the resin is between 22-27c (70-80f).

Tip: If for any reason your bottles are cold, you can put them in warm water to accelerate the process.


A single pour should be no more than 2” of resin, else you will need to do multiple pours.

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Deep Pour 2A:1B Ratio

Into a mixing cup, pour twice the amount of resin (A) for each measurement of hardener (B) (2:1 ratio). Ex.: 500ml of resin (A) with 250ml of hardener (B). If you want to measure by weight, the ratio is 100A:45B. Ex: 300g of resin (A) with 135g of hardener (B).


Deep Pour Mix Step

Stir both parts together for 4-5 minutes. Make sure to scrap the sides while stirring. Once done, you have around 1 hour of working time.


Deep Pour Step 3

Make sure that your project is leveled and pour the resin on it.

Tip: 15 minutes after pouring, you can quickly pass a blow torch a few inches over the resin to pop air bubbles.


Deep Pour Step 4

Your project will be fully cured after 4 days, but we recommend to wait a full 7 days before putting items on it.


The remaining step is to enjoy your amazing creation!