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[OLDER PRODUCT] 1 Gallon (3.8 L) | Table Top & Art Clear Coating Epoxy Resin Kit
[OLDER PRODUCT] 1 Gallon (3.8 L) | Table Top & Art Clear Coating Epoxy Resin Kit

[OLDER PRODUCT] 1 Gallon (3.8 L) | Table Top & Art Clear Coating Epoxy Resin Kit

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Note: This is a product that is several months old. The Hardener part may have a slight yellow hue to it. It will be clearer once poured, and also once mixed with the resin. This is less of a concern if adding colour into it, or if pouring on a dark substrate. If ordering more than one kit, you can expect to get a mix of our 1 and 2 gallon kit depending on the quantity ordered. If working on an important project, first test any clearance kit, because the quality of a clearance kit can vary. For an important project, we would recommend our standard kits.



 PREMIUM QUALITY - The product cures to a clear, high build, glass like finish that resists scratching, yellowing and will not distort with age. Perfect for any kind of coating applications or pours up to 1/4"at a time

 FOOD SAFE - Once cured the product simply becomes a non-toxic inert plastic, which is considered food-safe

 EASY TO USE - Magic Resin kit is a 100% solids, two-component, clear polymer coating that is mixed at a 1 to 1 ratio by volume. Mix flawlessly with mica powder and other colouring materials!

 HIGHLY RESISTANT - This product is UV resistant, scratch-resistant, water-resistant and will not exhibit blushing or sweat out under high humidity conditions

 WHAT'S INCLUDED - Each kit contains a bottle of resin (0.5 Gal.) and a bottle of hardener (0.5 Gal.)

 COVERAGE - 48 square feet seal coat (1 mm thick) or 16 square feet flood coat (3 mm thick)

 FREE & FAST DELIVERY - across Canada. 

🌳 WE PLANT TREES - One tree planted per order. The aim is to offset the company's carbon footprint for each order

This resin is optimal for all kinds of coating applications with pours up to 1/4" at once. Looking for thicker pours? Have a look at our Deep Pour & Casting resin instead.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Joanna B.
Older product of magic resin

I ordered this, not sure of what to expect. Once stirred, it turns clear and works perfectly.

Lori W.
Older product

It was a great deal. Works well

Hershel F.

not too runny not too thick. It ran between cracks but only because we didn't prep the site properly.. Excellent product. I would get it again...

Great !

at first I wasn't sure if I should order it but I don't regret it at all because it's a very good product, if you mix it with colors you can't distinguish the yellow color it has, thank you magical resin for the gifts you included 🥰, i really recommend Magic Resin because they have the best resin 👍

Sherry S.
Older Product

I buy the older product and I have to say it has not let me down. I always color my resin projects so the yellowing doesn't really make much difference as you can not see it once you color it. Customer service has always been awesome with me. I have only ever had one bad experience and Eric took care of it as soon as I contacted him. I will continue to get my resin here.